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For a standard search for an OFTEC registered company who operate in your area enter a postcode (at least 2 chars), county or a partial name. To use 'Search Nearest to Me' you MUST enter your FULL postcode.

To search for Registered Businesses in the Republic of Ireland please insert your county into the county search and press standard search.

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   Service & Commissioning - Pressure Jet Appliances eg. boilers, some range cookers
   Service & Commissioning - Vaporising Appliances eg. range cookers, stoves, room heaters
   Install oil boiler, cooker, stove
   Install oil storage tank (up to 3500 litres capacity)
   Install oil storage tank (over 3500 litres capacity)
   Install Unvented hot water systems
   Electrical installation and maintenance for oil heating systems

If you are in any doubt as whether a company is registered, please telephone OFTEC on 0845 6585080.